PSLS Help Desk – Enable 2-Step Verification on PS4 for Added Security

We’ve got a very important PlayStation LifeStyle Help Desk this week, one that could very well preserve the security of your PlayStation Network ID and any personal information that you have stored on your PlayStation account, like credit card info, home address, etc. While you may think you have the world’s best password, there’s still a chance that it can be hacked and stolen from you. If your password is compromised in any way, 2-step verification is a great way to ensure that those who may gain access to your password won’t actually have access to your PlayStation Network account.

Our own Cameron Teague ran into this issue recently, finding himself logged out of his PS4 as another PS4 console was activated as the primary on his account, clearly showing that someone else had somehow discovered his password and was attempting to steal his account. He was able to get his password changed quickly and regain control, but it was a bit of a process with PlayStation support to deactivate the other console and reactivate his own as the primary. To avoid running into this same issue, we recommend setting up 2-step verification for logging in to your PlayStation account.

What Is 2-Step Verification?

Whenever you log into something using your password, 2-step verification is an extra security measure that texts a code to your phone and requires you to enter that code to complete the log in. This ensures that even if somebody has your password, they would also need your phone to complete the log in process.

How to Enable 2-Step Verification for Your PlayStation 4

First click here to go to Sony’s 2-Step Verification page. Clicking [Activate Now] will prompt you to log in to your PlayStation Network account using the email address and password that you have set up.

After signing in, it will show your 2-step verification status. If it says “Inactive” you will need to enable it. Click [Edit], then click [Activate]. Continue following the prompts until it asks you to provide your mobile phone number. Enter your number and click continue. A verification code will be sent via text message to your phone to complete setup. Note that the code is case sensitive.

Once you enter that code and continue, your 2-step verification setup is complete. There will be a prompt to log out of your account on all devices for added security, though it is possible to uncheck the box and skip this step. I recommend doing this to ensure that there are no other systems logged in with your account and to offer the highest security possible.

Things to Note

  • The code sent to your phone will be unique each time you log in, and generated instantaneously, so the same code will not be able to be used multiple times or on future log ins. You will require a new code for each log in.
  • Though it may seem like a little bit of extra work, it’s a couple extra seconds that will go a long way towards protecting the security of your account and personal information.
  • Don’t take security lightly! Don’t share your passwords with anyone and take these steps to secure your account. Many people use the same emails and passwords for multiple accounts to make things easier on ourselves, but it also makes things easier on hackers. 2-step verification is a way to easily lock down your logins.

Have you set up 2-step verifaction? What do you want to see in the next Help Desk? Let us know via the comments or email us!

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