Top 5 Reasons to Buy PlayStation VR

In just a week, Sony’s PlayStation VR will finally be upon us and bring with it, a new and different kind of gaming experience. While we’ve already listed a video telling you why you should be excited for PSVR, we’re here with anew video telling you why you should get one (and yes, we’re basing it on experience with the device).

This week’s Top 5 Tuesday video lists down the top five best reasons to buy PlayStation VR! Want to know what we think? Hit play in the video above to see why you should consider getting a PSVR (provided you still can).

Watched the video? Do you agree with our reasons? If you’re getting a PSVR, let us know why in the comments below what tipped you over the edge. Stay tuned to our PSVR hardware and game reviews soon.

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