Moogles Are Items in Final Fantasy XV, World of Final Fantasy Adds Rikku

2016 is setting up to be a big year for the Final Fantasy franchise. Two separate titles are releasing later this year, World of Final Fantasy and Final Fantasy XV, with each bringing something unique to the table for fans. Today, new information was revealed about both upcoming role-playing games.

After a countdown on the official Final Fantasy XV website, Square Enix has revealed that Moogles will take the form of in-game items. Instead of operating stores like they traditionally do, a Moogle doll will act as a “lucky item.” Players will be able to “avoid all kinds of troubles” by carrying around the doll, and the site teases that “maybe Moogle will help out when Noctis and his friends are in a tight spot!” It seems like quite the versatile item, and Square Enix has said they’ll release a video of the doll in action once they reach a number of Twitter followers.

On the World of Final Fantasy front, Weekly Jump has revealed that Final Fantasy X’s Rikku will appear in the game. In the Japanese version, the treasure hunter will be voiced by Marika Matsumoto. The first images of the chibi-form of Rikku can be seen over at Gematsu, as they’ve uploaded a scan of the page.

World of Final Fantasy is set to release October 25 on PlayStation 4 and Vita. Then in November, Final Fantasy XV will finally hit store shelves after over 10 years in-development. The PlayStation 4 title comes out November 29, assuming it doesn’t get delayed one additional time.

(Source: Weekly Jump via GematsuSquare Enix via Gematsu)