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Check Out Battlefield 1’s Trophies and Learn How Battlepacks Work

It’s a busy day for Battlefield 1 news, but that shouldn’t come as a surprise considering the latest entry in Electronic Arts’ popular first-person shooter series is releasing October 21. That’s only nine days away, and as such the game’s Achievements have surfaced.

While currently the PlayStation Trophy List isn’t available yet, most games have identical trophy and achievement sets (except PlayStation versions have that sweet Platinum Trophy on top). That’s why we’re sharing the information. The achievements seem pretty straightforward as most of them revolve around ranking up in multiplayer, but they also reveal that the game’s campaign will have collectibles to find. You can check them all out in the gallery below.

Other news comes from developer DICE, as they’ve explained how Battlepacks will work in the game. These in-game boxes will be earned by playing the game, and will contain weapon skins. These skins come in several different rarity levels, and besides the default Battlepack, players will be able to purchase Enhanced and Superior Battlepacks by spending the game’s in-game currency called Scraps.

The Battlefield 1 website has additional details:

When you open the Battlepack you will always get one amazing looking weapon skin. These skins come in three different rarities – Special, Distinguished, and Legendary. You may also receive a rare bonus item – either an XP boost or a puzzle piece to a unique melee weapon. Collecting all puzzle pieces to a melee weapon will enable you to assemble it and bring it into the game.

On a regular basis we will rotate the pools of Battlepack content, or revisions as they’re called in-game. With new revisions coming up, it’s a good idea to stay connected to the game to see what awesome items you can get a hold off. Before you open up a Battlepack, you will see a list of what skins the current revision contains, making you aware of whether a skin for your favorite weapon is contained in the pool of possible items.

So what about that Scraps system? Here’s how it works: when you receive a Weapon Skin or a Bonus Item that you don’t want or need you can salvage it for Scraps, an in-game currency that can then be spent on new Battlepacks. As mentioned, spending Scraps is the only way of getting hold of Enhanced and Superior Battlepacks. You might want to save up Scraps for an upcoming revision of Battlepacks containing a skin that you know you want.

Let us know if you’re looking forward to picking up Battlefield 1 when it releases later this month!

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