Arcade Style Shooter Lethal VR Coming to PSVR & HTC Vive Later This Year

From Three Fields Entertainment (Dangerous Golf), Lethal VR is a “fast action arcade style shooting experience” coming to HTC Vive on November 8 and PlayStation VR before the end of 2016.

Inspired by classic arcade gun games and shooting sequences in movies like Point Break and RobocopLethal VR puts you in a virtual training environment. Playing as an FBI Recruit, you’ll be able to recreate scenes from classic movies by mastering weapons like handguns, knives, submachine guns, and throwing stars in the process.

The game tracks your speed, accuracy, and consistency across 30+ challenges in five simulations, with special scores awarded for Bullseyes and Headshots. After completing each Simulation, you’ll unlock special Bonus challenges, which feature these legendary weapons from movies:

  • A gold plated gun inspired by the weapon in The Man With The Golden Gun
  • A very big knife inspired by the knife in Crocodile Dundee
  • A Magnum revolver inspired by the weapon in Magnum Force
  • Throwing Stars inspired by those seen in Kill Bill
  • A razor tipped Bowler Hat inspired by the one thrown in Goldfinger
  • An automatic machine pistol inspired by the one seen in Robocop

Here’s a list of Lethal VR’s features:

  • Step into the shoes of an action movie superstar
  • Highly accessible arcade shooting and throwing game
  • Wide variety of exciting weapons
  • Deep scoring system provides multiple ways to increase your score
  • Local leaderboards track the best players among friends and family
  • Built from the ground up for the HTC Vive – a true 360 room scale experience

Three Fields Entertainment is made up of former Criterion developers and they’re also working on a Burnout spiritual successor, codenamed Shiny Red Something.

[Source: PS Blog, Three Fields Entertainment]