Asdivine Hearts Is An Old-School RPG Releasing in 2017 for PS4, PS3 & PS Vita

Asdivine Hearts, an old-school fantasy RPG from Exe-Create offering up more than 40 hours of gameplay, is coming to PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3, and PlayStation Vita in early 2017, publisher Kemco announced today. In addition to cross-buy, it will include 15 Trophies.

One year after the world of Asdivine was enveloped by a brilliant flash of light, leading to the growing influence of shadow, the story follows Zack and his childhood friend Stella. When they reach the capital, they meet a chubby cat named Felix who claims to be the Light Deity and declares the world to be on the verge of destruction.

Kemco’s Matteo Conti talked about what to expect from Asdivine Hearts:

Through Asdivine Hearts, we hope more RPG fans are getting back to the golden age of RPGs. In the end, what’s the attraction of RPGs? A plot full of twists and turns, a vast world map that gives you the satisfaction of journeying, really weird characters (Have I ever met someone like an RPG character in real life? Well, apart from us here at Kemco, no one), towns with kind (or rude) people to interact with, and strategic turn-based battles with animated effects to let off your daily steam!

You’ll also find customization option for each character, a battle arena, subquests offering rare items, and a turn-based battle system that lets you use consecutive hits and overkills to “up the rewards and turn the tide of battle by triggering limit breaks.”

[Source: PS Blog, PlayStation]