Here’s How Thumper and Tethered Support PS4 Pro

Two standout PlayStation VR titles are getting PS4 Pro updates today. Both Secret Sorcery’s Tethered and Drool’s rhythm violence game Thumper will take advantage of the new system’s additional power. There’s also some good news for those that don’t own a PS4 Pro, as Thumper is also getting a new mode today and Tethered got a series of bug fixes!

Tethered developer Secret Sorcery detailed on their website that the game will look “even better” on PS4 Pro. That’s not all the update offers, though, as the game’s Peeps are now more intelligent when getting from one area to the next. Here’s what else today’s patch includes:

  • Creature behaviour is improved and they no longer have perfect teeth.
  • There’s been a change in the weather… Occasionally mischievous clouds have been fixed.
  • We’ve added quit confirmation, as accidentally abandoning your Peeps after 5 days of nurturing can lead to despair.
  • With players enjoying hours immersed in our divine VR creation, we’ve made the game pause when the controller battery runs out to ensure that as a Spirit Guardian, you’re always in control.
  • The Tethered Live Area now has a background.

Meanwhile, Thumper will run at native 4K at 60 frames-per-second on PS4 Pro. Those that are playing in VR will get to see high quality supersampling and anti-aliasing, while the game still runs at 90 frames-per-second. Beyond that, the game also received a new mode called PLAY+. This mode is for expert players, as it has players going “faster than ever” through the game’s nine levels, but they only have one life at their disposal.

Those are some great reasons to get back into Thumper and Tethered!

(Source: Secret Sorcery, Drool)