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Why We Are Not Finishing Video Games

I’ve seen a rash number of “Why can’t I finish video games” or “Why don’t I have the motivation to finish video games” on Reddit, Twitter, personal blogs, etc. over the last couple of years. I myself have a considerable backlog of games, and I typically have one excuse or another why I haven’t finished them. I’m too busy. I don’t have time. So many games are coming out at once. We slap so many excuses as to why a game hasn’t been finished. It’s easy to explain when you don’t like a game, but what about those games you do like but have never finished? That’s where the crazy excuses come running out.

I’ve said quite a few times that the reason why I don’t get far into The Witcher 3 is because I get too distracted picking weeds. That is true; I really did spend over an hour and a half picking weeds and doing side quests before I reached the first town. At that point, I was distracted by something else, either a new game or a review assignment and I never got back to that epic tale. However, I know there’s really another reason why I haven’t finished it, that true underlying reason that explains most of why we don’t finish what we start.

While we may have a million reasons why we haven’t finished a game or why we suddenly don’t have the motivation to finish a game, many of the reasons can be bundled into five categories. As you would expect from the headline of this opinion piece, I’ve listed them out very nicely for you.

There’s also the joy of finishing a game too quickly and being left alone in your grave disappointment. Oh The Order: 1886, I’m looking at you.

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Courtesy of Shortpacked! by David Willis

Have any experiences in avoiding finishing a game or finishing a game too quickly? Share them below!

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