Titanfall 2 “Encore” Trailer Boasts the Game’s Accolades

In case you still didn’t know it by now, Titanfall 2 is the real deal with a fantastic single-player campaign, paired with a polished, deep multiplayer component (our review touches on both). While the game might not be selling as well as Respawn might have hoped, EA has already said it’s committed to the franchise.

Just to remind people how much critics loved Respawn’s latest shooter, EA has released a new Titanfall 2 trailer titled “Encore,” that lists some of the game’s review scores, and pulls some news-worthy quotes from reviews as well. Check out PlayStation LifeStyle’s blurb around the 13-second mark.

If that’s not enough to convince you, go check out our top five video where we list why you need to play Titanfall 2. And don’t forget, the maps, modes, weapons and other stuff affecting game balance will be free post-launch.

Have you played Titanfall 2 yet? What do you make of it so far?