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Paragon’s Monolith Update Arrives This December

Paragon is getting a huge update next month. Come December 6, the MOBA will play very differently thanks to what Epic is calling the Monolith update. Every hero in the game will be getting tweaked, a new smaller map is being added, and the gameplay will become more “action-oriented” than before.

Here’s how Epic outlined the changes on their official website:

The Monolith Update represents the culmination of the past year of learnings, testings, playings, feedbackings, andtalkings. The changes that we’re making are based entirely on addressing key feedback items, both reported and directly observed.

The goal of all these changes is very straightforward – we are confident that this new version of Paragon will deliver a faster, more visceral gameplay experience that you’d expect from an action game while retaining all of the meta game and strategy of a competitive MOBA. When the Monolith Update goes live on December 6, we hope you will play at least three games and then continue to give us the valuable feedback we have been receiving for the past year.

The developer goes into a lot more detail over at the blog post (so check it out), but here are a few of the major changes. The game will be much faster from the movement speed to characters to attack speed. Cooldown reduction is no longer a stat as most cooldowns have been “dramatically reduced.” Mana is also now much more important as some abilities are “gated” by mana usage. Finally, every character has been rebalanced.

It’s clear that Epic has put a lot of work into the Monolith update, so hopefully the community will dig the drastic changes they are making. It’s definitely a risk to change a game that people are already enjoying, but it looks to be for the best. Either way, we’ll find out how the reception is once it releases on December 6.

(Source: Epic)