Super Mega Baseball 2 Features a New Art Stye, Will Be at PSX

Super Mega Baseball 2 is coming to PlayStation 4 next year, and the indie baseball game is packing some major improvements from its predecessor. One of the biggest changes is that the game is going for a more realistic look (although still cartoon-y in nature). While I enjoyed the wackier designs of the first game, there’s a solid reason why developer Metalhead Software is making the switch.

Here’s how Scott Drader explained the art style change over at the PlayStation Blog:

The unique and very light-hearted look of Super Mega Baseball 1 had a certain charm for some, but to others may have communicated that the game did not take its subject matter seriously. It probably led some folks who would have otherwise enjoyed the game to overlook it. Any of you that played Super Mega Baseball 1 of course know that it does in fact take its subject matter very seriously, but we want to make sure there won’t be any doubt about that with Super Mega Baseball 2.


Expect to see more realistically proportioned and more detailed characters, a modernized interface, and a vastly improved lighting and material model (the technical term is Physically Based Rendering — all the cool kids are doing it these days). Think of the presentation upgrades as an initiative to make sure you have an easy time recruiting your friends to play with you.

Other major changes include a new degree of customizability (being able to edit team names, logos and uniforms), and the addition of online play. Those attending the PlayStation Experience next week can check out these changes for themselves as the first publicly available build of the game, as it’ll be on the showfloor on December 3 and 4.

(Source: PlayStation Blog)