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Activision CEO Bobby Kotick Named as One of the “50 Most Influential People in Sports Business”

While some people might see Activision CEO Bobby Kotick as a villain that’s out to bleed every gaming franchise that they like dry, it’s hard to deny what Kotick has achieved when it comes to Activision’s presence in the gaming industry.

Activision is synonymous with Call of Duty and rightfully so. Not only is the first-person shooter franchise the biggest brand in gaming right now, it’s also pushing eSports for consoles the hardest compared to other games. Having said that, it seems the company’s eSports push is getting noticed as Kotick has now been named by Sports Business Daily as one of the top “50 Most Influential People in Sports Business.” Kotick is at the 42nd spot, and is part of a group that includes the likes of NBA Commissioner Adam Silver (#1), Kevin Plank from Under Armour (#16) and a lot more. Unless I’m mistaken, Kotick is the only one in the list that’s associated with video games.

Given Activision’s push for Call of Duty eSports,it wouldn’t surprise me if Kotick’s name will be a regular member of the annual list.

Congrats, Bobby Kotick! Now let’s get a Call of Duty game that’s not futuristic, alright?

[Source: SportsBusinessDaily]