Mass Effect Andromeda Won’t Have a Season Pass

January 7, 2017Written by Alex Co


While most games these days have a Season Pass for more paid content post-launch, that won’t be the case for Mass Effect Andromeda.

Over on Twitter, BioWare General Manager Aaryn Flynn confirmed to a fan that a Mass Effect Andromeda Season Pass won’t be happening, which I assume, might shock most people who thought it was already a given.

When asked by the same fan whether the studio was planning more story DLC or just focusing on multiplayer stuff post-launch, Flynn mentioned that the studio will talk about it “later.”

If I had to hazard a guess, I gather Mass Effect Andromeda will have some sort of DLC, but it’ll either be available piecemeal, or be funded by loot boxes or other cosmetic stuff that won’t affect gameplay (at least I hope).

With Titanfall 2 being another EA game that not only didn’t have a Season Pass, but no game-affecting purchasable content, is this the start of a new trend for AAA games? One can hope. We’ll keep you posted about other Mass Effect Andromeda DLC news once we know more.

[Source Aaryn Flynn (Twitter) via PCGamer]