Darkest Dungeon Radiant Update Coming to PS4 & PS Vita After PC

In a recent development update, Red Hook Studios revealed that the upcoming Darkest Dungeon patch adding Radiant Mode is expected to release in early February for PC. Because “the patching process on console is longer and more difficult to make small tweaks and fixes,” the PlayStation 4 and PlayStation Vita versions of the update won’t arrive until after the PC release.

As a result of all the work being put into the Radiant update, The Crimson Court DLC has been delayed from early 2017 to April 2017. Red Hook added, “We are dedicated to making this expansion an exceptionally robust, and terrifying bunch of features and content!”

When the Radiant update comes to PS4 and PS Vita, it will include a new mode designed to bring the completion time to around 40 hours, adjustments and improvements, and new champion monsters:

Radiant Mode

When creating a game, you will now have the option to select one of three modes: Radiant, Normal, and Stygian (Formerly NG+). Radiant Mode is not being designed to be an “easy” mode. The intent is to adjust things that typically affect the time it takes to build up your roster and assault the Darkest Dungeon. Our goal is to get the completion time down to around 40 hours, although playtests will confirm where we land. Having all three modes available gives more flexibility for Darkest Dungeon to adapt to your lifestyle, without changing the core experience.

Quality of Life

We are also using this opportunity to make a number of tweaks, tuning adjustments and improvements that affect all modes. We’ve been compiling community feedback for several months, and will be incorporating many of the great suggestions put forward by you, our players!

New Champion Monsters

One of the most exciting parts of the game is the jump from Apprentice to Veteran Dungeons. Right when you begin to feel your confidence surge as you master Apprentice Dungeons, you engage with new, challenging monsters in Veteran dungeons. In this spirit, we are adding a new monster to each region for Champion Dungeons.

These new monsters have some insidious, never-before-seen abilities that will add variety and new synergies to Champion Dungeons. In addition, we’ve also noticed some of Vvulf’s raiders have slipped out, mingling amongst the bandit ranks in the champion-level regions.

The first of four new champion monsters is called The Bone Bearer (pictured above).

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[Source: Darkest Dungeon via Game Informer]