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Here’s a Trailer for Resident Evil Vendetta, Coming This Summer


Although the trailer above was shared on Sony’s official YouTube channel this weekend, our readers have pointed out to us that it’s been out for a while now. We’ve looked into this, and have found that a version of this trailer (with Japanese subtitles) was published by Zero Media in late December, and we missed it. We apologize for the confusion and are removing any references to this being a “new” trailer despite the company only sharing it over the weekend. We, too, were confused by this along with many others. However, if you haven’t seen this trailer, it’s worth checking out now.

Original story:

Sony Pictures Entertainment has shared a trailer for its CG animated movie, Resident Evil Vendetta, noting that it’s on track for a summer 2017 release in theaters. Developed by Capcom and Marza Animation Planet, the movie stars fan favorite characters Leon Kennedy and Chris Redfield, and includes a comeback of Rebecca Chambers from Resident Evil 0.

Vendetta was announced at the Tokyo Game Show last September, where producer Hiroyuki Kobayashi said that it’ll feature an original story that will be “like Resident Evil 1.” According to a description that accompanies the new trailer, this third installment is “directly connected to the Resident Evil game’s story.”

Kobayashi is working with Takanori Tsuimoto, and The Grudge director Takashi Shimizu “for horror mastery.”

We’ll update our readers when an exact release date is announced.

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