Here They Lie Update Tomorrow Will Make it Playable on PS4 Without a PSVR Headset

Released last year for PlayStation VR, horror game Here They Lie (our review) will receive an update tomorrow that makes it playable on PlayStation 4, developer Tangentlemen announced today.

As Co-creative Director Cory Davis explained, “That’s right, Here They Lie will be updated on February 21 to be playable without a PSVR headset – the Standard version. If you already own Here They Lie for PSVR, you’ll automatically receive this update through a downloadable patch. Anyone purchasing Here They Lie after February 21 will get both versions of the game.”

If you’re a PS4 Pro owner, tomorrow’s update will also add 4K/HDR support, an “all-around higher quality render-mode for PS4 Pro on PSVR,” better shadows, post-processing effects, dynamic flashlight shadows, and ambient occlusion.

Other features in the update include a controller configuration screen, Chapter Select screen, subtitles (Standard version only), and improved anti-aliasing and lighting. Additionally, PSVR users will find improved head tracking, sharper visuals, more tutorial screens, and the ability to seamlessly switch between the VR and non-VR version.

[Source: PlayStation Blog; trailer is from the PSVR launch last year]