Tekken 7 Director Responds to Fans Requesting Cross-Platform Play, Says It’s a First-Party Policy Issue

Tekken 7 fans have been pressing Director Katsuhiro Harada on Twitter about the fighter’s lack of cross-platform play, citing examples from other games that include the feature. In response, Harada has reiterated that this isn’t the developer’s issue but rather a problem pertaining to console manufacturers and their security policies.

It appears that neither Sony nor Microsoft allow their consoles to be in the same P2P system as the other. So either a game can be PlayStation 4/PC cross-play compatible, or Xbox One/PC compatible. When some folks pointed out that Rocket League allows cross-play between all three, Harada reminded fans that unlike Tekken 7, Psyonix’s title utilizes servers, not P2P connections. He then pointed out that both Street Fighter V and Killer Instinct are console exclusives so cross-play works in both cases.

Finally, Harada addressed those who suggested allowing both consoles to play with the PC base separately, stating that the developers can’t and won’t split the PC base.

In his own words, “Don’t ask me again.”

Tekken 7 will be out on June 2.

[Source: Katsuhiro Harada (Twitter)]