Mass Effect Andromeda Post-Launch Multiplayer Maps Will Be Free

In news that should make Mass Effect multiplayer fans happy (like me!), BioWare has confirmed that future Mass Effect Andromeda DLC maps for multiplayer will be free! Yep, just like how it was in Mass Effect 3’s multiplayer!

This little nugget of info was confirmed earlier today by none other than BioWare GM Aaryn Flynn when asked by a fan.

Additional good news for Andromeda’s multiplayer has been revealed by BioWare Producer Fernando Melo. Over on Twitter, Melo revealed “Strike Teams” — a new feature that lets gamers who aren’t fan of the multiplayer take part in the mode and the rewards it brings. Players will be able to send out a Strike Team, which is comprised of AI-controlled teammates, to try and do the mission for you. If your Strike Team succeeds, you’ll be able to gain XP, and level up, which in turn, lets your Strike Team get stronger for tougher missions.

BioWare seems to have made the right moves in terms of multiplayer, no? Not only will gamers be able to play the new maps for free, but the studio isn’t even forcing those who’d rather not play multiplayer, to partake in the mode’s rewards. 

Will you be playing Mass Effect Andromeda’s multiplayer or will it strictly be the single-player for you? 

Mass Effect Andromeda flies out to the PS4, Xbox One and PC this March 20.

[Source: Aaryn Flynn (Twitter), Fernando Melo (Twitter) via VG247, GameSpot]