Rainbow Six Siege Mid-Season Reinforcements Update Brings Skill Buffs, Weapon Tweaks and More

Ubisoft has announced that Rainbow Six Siege‘s Mid-Season Reinforcements update will go live tomorrow, March 15, and will bring with it major changes to Glaz’s scope alongside skill buffs, and weapon tweaks.

The Glaz scope upgrade has been detailed as follows:

Thermal visual feedback has been added when aiming down sights through the scope. Defenders will really stand out, even when obscured by smoke from grenades, Capitão’s bolts or Smoke’s gas canisters, thus increasing Glaz’s effectiveness at range.

The key weapon balancing changes include “a size reduction for the reticles on the red dot, reflex, and holo sights” to allow better precision. Other changes are as follows:

• The DMR’s maximum trigger rate has been lowered to prevent very rapid firing

• Echo’s MP5SD2 does more damage at medium range

• Thermite’s 556xi is easier to control

• Caveira’s Luison’s damage dropoff has been tweaked

• Jackal’s C7E’s recoil is getting balanced

• Capitao’s PARA-308 is getting a recoil buff

Last but not least, some operators will have their special abilities buffed to “help make them more useful in the field.” Ubisoft explains:

Doc will now be able to overheal to 140 HP instead of 120 HP, in hopes that this buff will make more of a difference in a firefight. And Buck will get an extra magazine for his Skeleton Key underbarrel shotgun. Walls, windows, and floors beware.

In order to deploy the update tomorrow, maintenance is scheduled to take place on the PlayStation 4 between 9-10am ET. For detailed patch notes, head over here.