PS4 Interactive Experience Everything Gets a 10-Minute Gameplay Film

Narrated by philosopher Alan Watts, a 10-minute gameplay video for Everything was uploaded yesterday, giving you a long look at the upcoming PlayStation 4 and PC interactive experience that lets you be anything.

Here’s the description for Everything:

Everything is an interactive experience where everything you see is a thing you can be, from animals to planets to galaxies and beyond. Travel between outer and inner space, and explore a vast, interconnected universe of things without enforced goals, scores, or tasks to complete. Everything is a procedural, AI-driven simulation of the systems of nature, seen from the points of view of everything in the universe.

Learn to change what you are to create worlds within worlds within worlds, or let go any time to allow Everything to take over and produce a never ending documentary about the world you live in.

Narrated by the inspiring philosophy of Alan Watts, and featuring a rich score from composer Ben Lukas Boysen, Everything will give you a new perspective on life.

Exophase has uploaded the full Trophy list for Everything, revealing that it includes a Platinum Trophy, called Everything is Everything. The Trophy list is fairly vague with its descriptions, with the five Gold Trophies saying things like “everything transforms itself over and over” and “everything transforms itself over and over and over.”

Everything releases on March 21 for PS4 and April 21 for PC. Any PlayStation Plus member who pre-orders Everything will receive 20% off the regular $14.99 USD/£11.99 price.

[Source: Exophase, PlayStation Store (NA, EU)]