Outlast 2 Refused Classification in Australia

Survival-horror game Outlast 2 was refused classification in Australia yesterday, with the Australian Classification Board saying it’s due to “a depiction of implied sexual violence.”

You can read the full description of the spoiler-filled scene in question over on Kotaku, with the Australian Classification Board’s reasoning on the refusal of classification below (spoiler warning):

Although much of the contact between the creature and Blake is obscured, by it taking place below screen, the sexualised surroundings and aggressive behaviour of the creature suggest that it is an assault which is sexual in nature. The Board is of the opinion that this, combined with Blake’s objections and distress, constitutes a depiction of implied sexual violence.

In the Board’s opinion, the above example constitutes a depiction of implied sexual violence and therefore cannot be accommodated within the R18+ classification category and the game is therefore Refused Classification.

Although the report released by the Australian Classification Board doesn’t represent a full list of all the content that caused Outlast 2 to be refused classification, they did say, “[The] Board is of the opinion that without the depiction of implied sexual violence listed above, the game can be accommodated within the R18+ classification.”

Australian publisher 18point2 and developer Red Barrels haven’t said if they’ll re-submit Outlast 2 with the scene(s) removed.

Outlast 2 releases on April 25 for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC. There will also be a physical collection of Outlast, the Whistleblower DLC for Outlast, and Outlast 2 available on the same day.

[Source: The Australian Classification Board, IGN, Kotaku, Press-Start]