Sony Sending Out PS Store Discount Coupons Again, Some Users Receive $100 Vouchers

Sony’s in the giving mood again this weekend as users across the web have reported receiving emails with 20 percent discount vouchers for the PlayStation Store. Some users got even luckier as they reported receiving one of those rare $100 vouchers (also known as the golden tickets).

Threads on NeoGAF and Reddit are full of screenshots and comments from those who’ve received the vouchers. Do note that this scheme, like the previous ones, seems to be for US residents only. The 20 percent off discount voucher is apparently included in a newsletter announcing the recent Flash Sale, expires on the 31st, and doesn’t apply to pre-orders. The code is at the bottom of the email, in case you overlooked it.

As for the $100 code, it’s rare of course, but several users have posted screenshots proving that they’ve received them. Like the aforementioned vouchers, they too expire by the end of the month.

For those who’ve received the codes and aren’t interested in the Flash Sale, here‘s another sale you can check out.