VR Shooter Dick Wilde Comes Out This May as a PSVR Aim Controller Launch Title

Dick Wilde, a virtual reality shooter from Bolverk Games, is releasing this May for PlayStation VR as a PlayStation VR Aim Controller launch title, publisher PlayStack announced today. Dick Wilde launched for Oculus and Vive today, priced at $19.99 USD/£17.99.

Playing as Dick Wilde, you head to the swamps of Mississippi with your saw-blade rifles, nail guns, and electrified bow and arrow to exterminate the infestation of alligators, crocodiles, piranhas, and birds. In addition to online leaderboards, Dick Wilde also includes a local Party Mode where you and friends share the headset.

Bolverk Games CEO Bo Bennekov said:

Each of our titles focuses on certain genres that really work for VR. We want our games to be immersive, replayable and just plain weird. Dick Wilde delivers exactly that. After six months in development who’d have thought we’d have a game where the aim is to make sure you’re not fish-bait and we’re able to get this to market!

According to the Steam page for Dick Wilde, only motion controllers are supported.

[Source: Steam]