StarBlood Arena Has Gone Gold, Features Trailer Released

StarBlood Arena, one of the upcoming games headed exclusively to the PlayStation VR, has officially gone gold, locking in its April 11, 2017, release date. To celebrate, the developers have released a Features Trailer which shows the game’s different modes and characters.

According to the trailer, StarBlood Arena will have five game modes – a single-player challenge-based mode called Burn Circuit, standard and team deathmatch modes called Carnage and Team Carnage, a capture-the-flag-esque mode called Gridiron, and a co-op horde mode called Invaders.

The trailer also showed off the game’s roster of nine characters and their ships including Alice, Dregg, Appolonia, Baron, Blade, Gundo, Elsa, Buck, and Tik Tak Toh, as well as the a preview of the game’s custom loadouts.

As previously mentioned, StarBlood Arena will be released for PSVR on the PS4 on April 11, 2017 and is already available for pre-order with a bonus Legends Pack for those who pre-order.

[Source: PlayStation (YouTube) via PlayStation Blog(US)]