StarBlood Arena Update 1.04 Bursts Out, Adds Quickmatch

StarBlood Arena Preview 2

While developer Whitemoon Dreams just released a hefty update for StarBlood Arena a few weeks ago, the studio has released yet another title update for the PlayStation VR game.

Over on the PSVR subreddit, Whitemoon Dreams developer “GroxsBellyint” announces that StarBlood Arena patch 1.04 will add quickmatch to the game, and that servers will be down for an hour or two due to the update.

I told you guys I’d have info on 1.04 soon 🙂

This patch will introduce the brand new quickmatch feature, basically – prepare for even faster matchmaking and queue times!

Servers will be down briefly, possibly for an hour or two – potentially as little as 30 minutes. We appreciate your patience and let us know what ya think 🙂

Matt aka GroxsBellyLint

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[Source: PSVR Subreddit]