Patch Notes for Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare’s Latest Update Released, Hyper TDM Now Live

Infinity Ward has released its patch notes for Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare‘s latest update that dropped a day ago. Over on Reddit, the general fixes have been listed as follows:

• If a player is in Phase Shift with another enemy and throws an Epic Axe (Headsman), the enemy does not take damage and the Axe will disappear. This has been fixed

• Various backend fixes and adjustments

• Karma-45 – Phobos/Deimos: Now play the correct sound effects when firing with a silencer equipped

• Karma-45 – Deimos: Now correctly refills ammo when walking over another dropped Karma-45 on the map

The developer also announced that Hyper Team Death Match is now live in Infinite Warfare‘s featured playlist until Friday, April 14. “Decimate your enemies with a Payload that charges 7x faster!” says the studio.

For those who are playing Modern Warfare Remastered, the Weekend Warfare this time is Gun Game – Launchers.

[Source: Reddit, Charlie INTEL, Infinity Ward]