Run-And-Gun Shooter Rise & Shine Comes to PS4 Tomorrow, April 18

Released earlier this year for Xbox One and PC, 2D side-scrolling run-and-gun shooter Rise & Shine comes to PlayStation 4 tomorrow, April 18, Adult Swim Games and developer Super Awesome Hyper Dimensional Mega Team have announced.

Playing as a boy named Rise who’s accidentally given Shine, a super-powerful gun, you’re placed into the middle of a war on the planet of Gamearth, which is home to all classic video game characters. Artist Enrique Corts adds:

So you’ll need to be really brave and learn to use Shine’s different bullets and add-ons to advance through all the challenges waiting for you. And make no mistake: you’re going to die a lot! Gamearth is a ruthless world where those respawning powers of yours will come in handy.

Rise & Shine is a kind of 2D, side-scrolling run’n’gun. But not an ordinary one! You sure run and gun a lot, but we always like to add hot new sauce into our games, so you’ll find fun mechanics you haven’t seen before. Is a cover system a thing in side scrollers? Or RC Bullets? Not really, right? Well, they definitely add something extra — you’ll see.

PlayStation Plus members who pre-order Rise & Shine through the European PlayStation Store will save 20% off the regular £13.99 price. Rise & Shine will likely cost $14.99 USD in North America.

There’s 14 Trophies in Rise & Shine, but no Platinum, Exophase reveals. You’ll unlock a Bronze for completing the game, a Silver for finding all the secrets, and the only Gold for beating the game on ironman mode.

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