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Top 5 Reasons Why Star Wars Battlefront II Might Already Be Better Than the First

In case you weren’t paying attention to video game stuff over the weekend, EA and DICE have unleashed our first look at Star Wars Battlefront II! While we didn’t see actual gameplay, or witnessed an actual multiplayer match, it seems DICE is amending a lot of the complaints fans had with the first Battlefront — at least on paper.

Obviously, we don’t know how the game actually plays (duh!), but based on what we do know so far, it does seem like DICE has listened to the fans, and will add a lot of stuff the first DICE-developed Battlefront lacked (yes, a full-on single-player campaign is one of ’em).

Don’t believe us? Check out this week’s Top 5 Tuesday video to see what new stuff have been confirmed that makes us believe Battlefront II will indeed be better than the first one.

Agree with our list? Did we miss anything from the early info that EA revealed so far? Let us know what you want to see in Star Wars Battlefront II in the comments.

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