Star Wars Battlefront II Devs Quell Fears of Tacked-On Campaign, Say EA Brought Its Best Talent Forward

One of the biggest complaints about 2015’s Star Wars Battlefront was the lack of its single-player campaign – something Electronic Arts will rectify in the upcoming sequel. However, fans are concerned that Battlefront II might come with an insubstantial story mode, which seems to be a common characteristic of many multiplayer-focused games.

PlayStation LifeStyle recently sat down with DICE Creative Director Bernd Diemer, Motive Studios’ Content Producer Paola Jouyaux, and Lucasfilm’s Douglas Reilly, and asked the trio how EA plans to address these concerns.

“I think it shows a commitment to the single player mode that they came to us and Motive to create this campaign,” said Jouyaux. “EA are completely dedicated to building this game mode.”

We’re told that given the scope of Battlefront II, several teams were required to work on different aspects of the game including its single-player mode. Reilly believes EA has brought together “three of their biggest, best studios to the forefront” for the task and according to Diemer, the team at Motive has “tremendous experience making action movie-based narratives.”

From what we’ve heard so far, Star Wars Battlefront II certainly sounds promising and we hope it meets expectations when it launches on November 17.

Stay tuned for our full interview with the developers, which we’ll publish soon.