Star Wars Battlefront 2 Update

Latest Star Wars Battlefront II Update Will Send You to a New Planet and Introduce the Clone Commando

More content is on the way in Star Wars Battlefront II and starting on September 25, 2019, you’ll be introduced to a new planet, a new character, and cooperative scenarios. Despite the game’s negative reception when it launched in 2017, DICE and EA have slowly turned things around by adding lots of free updates.

One of the features being introduced as part of this month’s update is the planet Felucia. It’s a beautiful, yet deadly, place full of fungus and poison that can cause damage. The map consists of farmlands, rivers, and wildlife, as well as a giant Sarlacc pit, so you definitely need to be careful.

In addition, the update will see the inclusion of a new playable character known as the Clone Commando. This powerful elite operative will armed with the DC-17m Repeating Blaster Rifle and an Anti-Armor Attachment, giving you lots of variety for different combat scenarios. You can also debuff enemies with the Battle Focus Ability, which will replenish your base health.

Fans of cooperative play will be pleased to know that Star Wars Battlefront II will be getting a new way to play with friends. The update will add the fan favorite Instant Action mode, with the ability to play cooperatively or solo in large-scale battles.

So equip your lightsabers, use the Force, and get ready for the newest Star Wars Battlefront II update, starting September 25th. Will you be checking out the game’s latest update? Let us know!

[Source: Electronic Arts]