Pro Overwatch Player Dropped By His Team Over Racist Rant, Results In Him Ending His Career

A top-rated eSports player has called it quits shortly after he was dropped by his team for going on a racist rant during an Overwatch livestream. Toronto Esports announced that it had released Matt “Dellor” Vaughn from the organization as he had breached his contract by using “abusive and discriminatory racial language.”

Here’s what happened. Vaughn was playing a ranked Overwatch match when a Widowmaker, who he accuses of cheating, in the opposing team ended up eliminating him. That’s when he repeated the same racial slur over and over again for a good 30 seconds (view video here at your own risk – it’s pretty loud) and once the incident was brought to light, Toronto Esports understandably wasted no time in letting him go.

“Toronto Esports is an organization built on inclusivity, and we have always had a zero-tolerance policy for any forms of discrimination,” said President Ryan Pallett.

Over on TwitLonger, Dellor offered an apology and said that he understood the decision. In a separate post on Twitter, he announced that he was quitting eSports for good. Having seen the video, however, chances of another team wanting to hire Vaughn seem slim to none even if he decided to stay in the game.

Hopefully, lessons have been learned here.

[Source: Toronto Esports via Kotaku, TwitLonger, Dellor (Twitter)]