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Muslim Representation in Video Games

Overwatch Highlighted in GDC Talk on Muslim Representation

More than just characters and maps.

Overwatch Update

Overwatch Update Officially Adds Busan and Adjusts Aiming

Take a look at the changes.

Overwatch League Teams

Overwatch League 2019 Season Gets 8 New Teams

Bringing the total count to 20.

Overwatch Competitive

Overwatch Now Allows You to Avoid up to Three Players as Teammates

Competitive season 12 has commenced.

overwatch dva challenge

Overwatch D.Va-Themed Challenge Lets You Score Limited-Time Loot

The mech fighter takes center stage once again.

Overwatch Season 12 tips

5 Ways to Gain SR in Overwatch Season 12

5 simple tips guaranteed to help you reach top 500 in Overwatch season 12.

Loot Box Gambling

Blizzard Loot Boxes Are No Longer for Sale in Belgium

Don’t gamble with the law

DVa Animated Short

Overwatch Shooting Star Director Explains Why He Lets D.Va Use Her Gun Inside Her Mech

In-game lore vs creative liberty

no mans sky next

SuperData: No Man’s Sky Raked an Estimated $24 Million in July 2018, Overwatch Revenue Has Declined

GTA Online had its best month of the year.

custom overwatch nike sneakers

These Awesome Custom Overwatch Nike Sneakers Were on Display at the Fan Festival

I’ll take one of each, thanks.

overwatch busan map

Overwatch Heads to Busan in a New Map

The mech pilot takes flight.

Overwatch Story

How Overwatch Tells Its Story Without a Campaign

No story campaign =/= no story.

Overwatch animated short

Catch Blizzard’s Next Overwatch Animated Short During gamescom 2018

Hell yes, it’s about time!

overwatch update

Overwatch Free Weekend Kicks Off on August 23, Details Inside

Try out the newest hero, Wrecking Ball!

blizzard gamescom 2018

Blizzard Announces gamescom 2018 Presentation, Teases New Overwatch Content

All the usual suspects are here.

wrecking ball overwatch meta

Why Wrecking Ball Is What the Competitive Overwatch Meta Needs Right Now

Small in stature, big in changes.

Overwatch Summer Skins

Overwatch Unveils More Summer Games Skins

Copa, Copacabana / Her name was Ana.

Overwatch summer games event 2018 Lucia Ball New skins

Overwatch Summer Event Returns Next Week, Featuring the Lucio Ball Game Mode

Let’s make some noise!

new overwatch writer

Blizzard Hires Alyssa Wong as New Overwatch Writer

More Wrecking Ball lore, please!

Overwatch Figurines

Nendoroid Soldier 76 Is Unspeakably Adorable and Up for Preorder Now

I’ve got this in my sights.