Overwatch Now at Over 30 Million Players

Have you played some of 2017’s best new releases? Did you go back to Overwatch once you’ve had your fill? If so, it seems you’re not the only one. According to the official Overwatch Twitter account, the first-person multiplayer game now has over 30 million players!

In other Overwatch news, a pro Overwatch player’s career got derailed when he was exposed to be a racist idiot.Oh, you’re not interested in that kind of Overwatch news? This might do it then, Blizzard has announced that it’s “likely” that three new maps will be released within the year.

As someone who hasn’t played Overwatch since the first season ended, I really ought to go back to the shooter to see what’s new, and what got tweaked. Then again, I remember the rage-inducing moments and I think I get enough of that managing the PlayStation LifeStyle crew.

[Source: Overwatch (Twitter)]