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Ex-Vigil Devs Explain How Darksiders III Survived the Death of THQ

In case you weren’t keeping tabs on gaming news back then, you might not know that THQ Nordic is not the original THQ. The original THQ went up in flames over a haze of poorly-received games that didn’t stop the publisher from going bankrupt.

While the business side of THQ was having to jump one hurdle after another, some of its studios managed to develop some fantastic games. One of these said games is Vigil Games’ Darksiders. Long story short: Darksiders II was the last one published by THQ, the IP got sold, and the ex-Vigil people started their own studio called Gunfire Games.

Now that Darksiders III is officially confirmed, the Gunfire devs who came from Vigil are ready to talk about what happened and how the game survived the publisher’s meltdown. In the video above, which is part of IGN’s on-going exclusive series about DarkSiders III, the ex-Vigil developers talk a bit on how the game came to be. While they didn’t go into the specifics too much, they did share how they always wanted to continue the franchise since it’s their baby and all that.

If you’d rather see more of the game, check out 12 minutes of Darksiders III pre-alpha gameplay right here.

Darksiders III will hit the PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC sometime in 2018.

[Source: IGN (YouTube)]