Saving/Exporting Overwatch Highlights Is Still Coming, Gun Game Mode a Possibility

Highlights and Play of the Game clips are some of the best things in Overwatch, but being able to save and export them has been a feature that has eluded the game’s players ever since Blizzard announced it last year. But it looks like players won’t have to wait much longer for the feature to come as Overwatch Director Jeff Kaplan took to the game’s forums to shed light on the supposedly upcoming feature.

According to Kaplan, the save/export feature for Highlights is still coming and is the current focus of the “features team,” which is one of smaller development “strike teams” within the wider Overwatch development team.

The team is working extremely hard on this and has been for months. Expect more details early this summer.

While players have found alternative ways to record their Overwatch gameplay, including Highlights, through the use of capture hardware and/or software, a built-in tool would still be a great feature to have, especially for more casual players or those who don’t have access to the aforementioned capture hardware or software.

Aside from addressing the game’s Highlight save/export feature, Kaplan also responded to other topics including the possibility of a new game mode based on the popular Gun Game concept, which grants players a stronger weapon (or in Overwatch’s case, a different hero) every time they score a kill. Kaplan responded to the topic by saying that the game mode, or something like it, is something they’d like to try at some point.

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