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Total War: Warhammer and Persona 5 Drove SEGA’s Games Sales in Latest Financial Report

SEGA has just published its financial results for the previous fiscal year, which ran from April 1, 2016, to March 31, 2017, where the company saw a rise its Entertainment Contents segment (which includes both digital and packaged game sales) with a net sales result of 205 billion Yen, an 8-percent increase from the previous fiscal year, and an operating income of 11 billion Yen, a whopping 165.1% year-on-year increase.

It’s Digital and Packaged Games sales held almost half of its Entertainment Contents segment, with a net sales total of 94.4 billion Yen. Specifically, its Digital Games sales amounted to 47.3 billion Yen, a 4% increase from the previous fiscal year, while its Packaged Games sales rose by 11% garnering 47.1 billion Yen.

According to the published financial report, both Total War: Warhammer and Persona 5 were two of the biggest drivers for the company’s packaged game sales, with Total War: Warhammer shipping over 20 million units of the game around the globe while Persona 5 has previously been reported to have shipped over 500,000 units in Japan (the global release of Persona 5 came after the fiscal year ended).

Overall, SEGA sold a total of 10.28 million copies of its games released last fiscal year, with 5.24 million copies representing new titles.

[Source: Sega Sammy Holdings via Games Industry]