Fallen Legion Releases on July 25 for PS4 & PS Vita

Developer YummyYummyTummy has announced that action-RPGs Fallen Legion: Sins of an Empire for PlayStation 4 and Fallen Legion: Flames of Rebellion for PlayStation Vita are releasing digitally on July 25 in North America and Europe.

In Sins of an Empire for PS4, you’ll lead Princess Cecille and her talking grimoire on a journey to restore glory to her family’s crumbling empire. In Flames of Rebellion for PS Vita, you’ll play as Legatus Laendur, Cecille’s rival who is leading an army to overthrow the royal family. Each game will have a different story, levels, story branches, and boss battles.

Here’s what to expect from the two Fallen Legion games:

  • A Legion At Your Command – Control up to four characters simultaneously, master devastating combos and counter enemy attacks with a well-timed block in Fallen Legion’s unique battle system.
  • Every Choice Changes Your Empire – Players must make split-second decisions to rule their empire. These choices impact the game’s story.
  • Two Experiences, Two Stories – Written by Zero Escape: Virtue’s Last Reward editor Ben Bateman, Fallen Legion shows the scars of war from two perspectives in two different games.
  • Talented Voice Acting CastFallen Legion stars Xanthe Huynh (Persona 5) as Cecille and Darrel Delfin as Laendur. Additional voiceover work by Kira Buckland, Jalen Cassell, Alan Lee, and Dorah Fine.
  • Magnificent 2D Artwork – From the fangs on our menacing manticore to each sun-kissed brick in Fenumia’s castle, all of the artwork has been hand-drawn to create a stunning world.

Limited Run Games will publish a limited physical edition of Fallen Legion for both PS4 and PS Vita, but a release date hasn’t been set yet.

[Source: Fallen Legion, Limited Run Games]