Overwatch Animated Shorts Returning for Season 2, Work’s Underway

Blizzard Entertainment’s Jeff Kaplan said during a recent press event (via Polygon) that Overwatch‘s animated shorts are set to return for “season two” and that the developer is already “hard at work” on them.

“The animated shorts are probably the thing that we have the most fun making,” said Kaplan. “We really love working with our animation group and digging out the stories not tied to any constraints of gameplay. We can tell any stories we want.”

Blizzard considers The Last Bastion, which released in August 2016, as the end of season one despite releasing another animated short revolving around Sombra’s origin story last November. “We think of them as in seasons,” Kaplan explained. “That’s how we talk about them internally. So our first season started with ‘Recall’ and ended with ‘The Last Bastion.'”

We’re told that animated shorts take quite a while to make but that Blizzard is “making good progress” on them.

[Source: Polygon]