Deformers Free Weekend Begins on June 8, First Major Update Detailed


Ready at Dawn has announced that they’ll be hosting a Deformers Free Weekend from Thursday, June 8 until Sunday, June 11 on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC.

The Deformers Free Weekend officially runs from June 8 at 10am PT until June 11 at 11:59pm PT and the 5.5GB client for PS4 will be available through the PlayStation Store beginning tomorrow. To access the Free Weekend, you’ll need a PlayStation Plus membership and an internet connection.

Here’s what to expect from the Free Weekend:

During this event, Deformers’s full retinue of 44 Forms and 9 Arenas will be available for play in a variety of modes, including Free-for-All Deathmatch, Team Deathmatch, Form Ball, and Custom games — Steam and PlayStation 4 players will also be able to check out Offline mode, which is a brand-new addition to Deformers. Everyone will also have the chance to level up, increase their Prestige rank, earn Silver and Strands, and unlock unique and lovable Forms plus all the different ways to customize them with Styles, Taunts, Tags, and Emotes in the Workshop.

If you decide to buy Deformers, which will be 50% off through GameStop from June 9 to 15, you’ll get to keep all of your progress, provided you use the same PSN account.

Also on June 8, ReFormed, the first major update for Deformers, will be released. It adds the following:

  • Offline Couch Co-Op – You will be able to enjoy a truly offline couch co-op experience with up to 3 of your friends. A PlayStation Plus/Xbox Live Gold membership will no longer be required for this mode.
  • Cross-Network Play – To bring the community closer together, players on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One will have the option to matchmake against Steam players and vice-versa.
  • Tutorials – We’ll be rolling out new, in-game tutorials to help players get up-to-speed on the basics and core mechanics of Deformers, as well as learn about Powers and Classes. You’ll have a chance to perfect your skills before entering the combat arena. We plan on implementing more advanced tutorials in the future, which will reveal the deeper strategies behind Deformers’ game mechanics.
  • Console Quick Chat – Players on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One now have access to Quick Chat, an in-game tool that makes it easier than ever to communicate with others in the lobby and game.

If you played Deformers prior to June 6, there will be 30,000 Silver added to your account.

Over the next few months, Ready at Dawn plans on adding more features to Deformers.

In our review of Deformers, we said, “Deformers has a broken and inconsistent core, and I can’t fathom how any future patch or update can change that.”

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