Report: Super Street Fighter V Is in the Works, Will Be a Free Update for Existing Players

It looks like Street Fighter V will be getting a pretty big update in the future in the form of Super Street Fighter V, if the information leaked by Redditor Rikurikumore turns out to be true.

According to the post, Super Street Fighter V is already in development and will be a free update for the base game instead of being a separate title, unlike what Capcom has done in the past. If true, it’ll fall in line with Capcom’s previous statements of not planning to fragment the current player base by releasing separate and different versions of the game.

As for what will come with the Super Street Fighter V update, it will include a UI overhaul, the long-awaited Arcade Mode, an Extra Battle mode, a PvE mode against the Illuminati, an expansion on the game’s mechanics, and new Critical Arts.

As for characters, Season 3 will bring Sagat, Sakura, Oro, C. Viper, Q, and Necro into the fold. Additionally, the post also revealed that the remaining DLC characters for the current season (Season 2) will be Abigail, Menat, and Zeku.

Lastly, the post claims that Super Street Fighter V will be announced at the conclusion of Capcom Cup later this year, which may mean a 2018 release date.

[Source: Reddit via VG247]