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Report: Project Scorpio Price and Final Name Leaked

There’s only a few hours left until the start of Microsoft’s E3 press conference but it looks like the final name and price of Microsoft’s highly-anticipated new console have already been leaked beforehand.

Microsoft’s new console has held the moniker of “Project Scorpio” since it was first announced last year and the company might have decided to stick with that for its final name as an image included in a Best Buy Canada newsletter reveals the branding “Xbox Scorpio,” which looks to be the final name of the new console.

Additionally, producer Geoff Keighley has recently gone on Twitter to claim that the price of Scorpio will be $499.

A $499 price tag sounds to be a bit too steep for a mid-generation console, given that Sony’s PS4 Pro was launched with a price tag of only $399. We’ll just have to wait if the leaked final name and price are accurate when Microsoft officially unveils Scorpio in a few hours.

[Source: Best Buy Canada via IGN, Geoff Keighley (Twitter)]