E3 2017 – LawBreakers PS4 Gameplay Footage Shown Off, Dev Team Explains Concept Behind the Shooter

During Sony’s three-day long E3 2017 livecast, the publisher invited studio Boss Key Productions on the set to talk about the upcoming shooter, LawBreakers.

What makes it different from Call of Duty and Battlefield? Is it too much like Blizzard’s Overwatch? These questions and more are answered by Boss Key Productions head honcho Cliff Bleszinski (Gears of War) and company COO Arjan Brussee (Killzone). Oh, and there’s a fair bit amount of LawBreakers PS4 gameplay there as well, so if you’re curious how it holds up, then you kind of get your answer.

While the first-person shooter genre might be the most saturated genre we have right now, LawBreakers does seem to be able to stand out from the pack — and yes, even from Overwatch. If nothing else, it has straight up AAA shooter pedigree in Bleszinski and Arjan Brusee’s involvement.

Based on what I’ve seen so far, it’s definitely piqued my interest given it’s more serious tone. The fact that it’s not another military shooter also helps, too.

Priced at just $29.99, LawBreakers will shoot out this August 8 on the PS4 and PC, and it won’t have any Season Pass or any of the sort.