ClickSticks Custom PS4 Controller by The Controller People

Not sure if any of our readers have noticed it, but PlayStation LifeStyle has been doing more and more hardware reviews since we know that gamers don’t just buy games, we buy the best TVs, controllers and whatever we can make our gaming time more pleasurable.

For this week, we’re taking a look at The Controller People’s “ClickStick” custom PS4 controller. ClickSticks aren’t your usual bumpers (they work the same) but The Controller People has two kinds of ClickSticks, which are the “Trigger” and the “Stud.” Check out the features of the controller in our latest 60 Second video overview.

You can check out more info about The Controller People on their website, and its price is competitive to the same kind of custom PS4 controllers out in the market.

We’ll be doing a full controller review of the ClickSticks soon.


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