Watch Digital Foundry’s Analysis of Marvel’s Spider-Man

One of the most impressive titles coming out of Sony’s E3 2017 press conference was Marvel’s Spider-Man. The gameplay debut of Insomniac’s latest title was a visual treat, and now we know how the developer is pulling off its impressive graphics. This is thanks to a graphical breakdown done by Digital Foundry, who always focus on the technical side of video games.

Check out Digital Foundry’s analysis of Marvel’s Spider-Man below:

If you can’t view the video, here’s a brief rundown of the techniques that Insomniac are using. Similar to how Ratchet and Clank supported the PS4 Pro, Spider-Man will use a technique called temporal injection to simulate a 4K image. Digital Foundry were impressed with the technique, as the image quality “holds up quite well.” Issues only occur when viewed up close, but when playing several feet away from a television it looks “quite good.” They attribute this to the game’s art style, which they compare to a pre-rendered CGI film, which keeps aliasing to a minimum and provides a “soft, but very smooth image.”

While it’s still not confirmed whether or not the action title will be open-world, the pundits were impressed by the lack of pop-in. They compared Spider-Man favorably to Insomniac’s Sunset Overdrive, and mentioned how Insomniac continues to improve their tech with each release. Still, this isn’t a finished product, so we’ll see if the actual game manages to stay as impressive.

The video manages to break down even more about the upcoming PS4 exclusive, including its impressive use of motion blur and blending of animations, so make sure to give it a watch when you have time. As usual, Digital Foundry did a fantasy job.

(Source: Digital Foundry’s YouTube)