Marvel’s Spider-Man Will Have a Romantic Interest for Peter, Different Stages of Weather

We’ve learned a lot about Insomniac’s Marvel’s Spider-Man in the last few weeks, and in an E3 interview with Daily Star, Creative Director Bryan Intihar revealed that there will be a romantic interest for Peter and different stages of weather.

After confirming that Marvel’s Spider-Man is “going to focus on characters you know” who are all established in the Marvel world, Intihar was asked if we’ll be playing as Peter outside of the suit. “I will tell you that Peter is an integral part of the experience,” he replied. Asked if this involves Mary Jane, he said, “You will have a romantic interest and that’s all I’ll say.”

Intihar later revealed that Marvel’s Spider-Man takes place over multiple days, not a single 24-hour period. Along with moments taking place at night, the game will also “have different stages of weather for sure.” Intihar wasn’t able to talk about whether weather will affect gameplay, saying instead, “We probably can’t talk about it too much for now and I’m probably going to get killed for saying that.”

In terms of characters in Marvel’s Spider-Man, you’ll find a “healthy mix” of classic characters like Kingpin and newcomers like Mr. Negative (aka Martin Li, who runs the food shelter where Aunt May works). While Insomniac has tried to involve Peter in a way when it comes to Spider-Man’s foes, it isn’t a requirement:

No no, we still have those characters. That’s a bonus for us, to have something tied to Peter, but it’s not a requirement, and we’ll still have some who only know Spider-Man.

For the main story, we’ll want to lean on Peter, but we also want to have a great Marvel experience with a big cast and it would feel awkward if they all knew Peter.

Intihar closed out the interview by saying, “We feel an enormous amount of responsibility, to get it right and it’s a wonderful character and we’ve been supremely fortunate to work on him. But we want it to be as good as it can be.”

On Twitter, Insomniac offered up a few tidbits about the game:

  • “Peter Parker has been Spider-Man for eight years, and is masterful at protecting the city.”
  • “After you defeat Kingpin, the Inner Demons move in on Fisk’s territory.”
  • “Martin Li is a philanthropist, and runs the F.E.A.S.T. homeless shelters. Aunt May works for him at one of those shelters.”
  • “Peter Parker uses his ingenuity and lab experience to build his own suit and tech.”
  • “Web-swinging in the game is physics and momentum-based with webs that attach to buildings!”
  • Who will Peter be dating? “Peter does have someone special in his life, and as you might expect…. it’s complicated.”

Marvel’s Spider-Man launches in 2018 for PlayStation 4.

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