There’s a Free Monster Hunter Frontier Z 10th Anniversary Theme on the Japan PS Store

A new Monster Hunter Frontier Z 10th Anniversary theme is currently available for free on the Japanese PlayStation Store to commemorate the 10th anniversary of the launch of the Monster Hunter Frontier series.

Users outside of Japan will be able to get a hold of the free theme by simply making a Japanese PSN account and downloading the theme through that. The theme will then be usable by the other/main PSN account once it’s been downloaded to the PS4.

The free theme will only be available until December 20, 2017, so users have quite a bit of time to go through the process of downloading it, but that date could always change so users shouldn’t wait for too long before getting it.

The latest game in the series, Monster Hunter Frontier Z is currently only available in Japan with no western release announced at the moment.


[Source: PlayStation Store (Japan) via Reddit]