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Let’s Talk! – Open Discussion #1

Welcome to the first “Let’s Talk!” PlayStation LifeStyle’s weekly open discussion “forum” of sorts where everyone can talk about anything (well, within reason, of course). Want to talk about video games? That’s fine. Movies, comics, your personal life? Sure!

While we want this to be as free of moderation as we can, we all know that’s an explosion waiting to happen. So before anyone starts, let’s set a few rules for the betterment of everyone, alright? We won’t tolerate posting about: any religious attacks, posting nude pics of any kind, talking about child pornography or anything as sick, baseless political talk, recent movie, game, TV, etc. spoilers (if you’re going to do it, be vague). Essentially, as Mack puts it, “Don’t be a twat!” Got that? Good. We’ll be deleting comments that break these rules and will moderate some that do nothing but promote toxicity.

What can you talk about? Anything under the sun, really. Talk about the current state of video games. Ask other readers why you’re thinking of buying a Nintendo Switch. Sky’s the limit! Let’s get this discussion going, people!

If you have suggestions, complaints or anything regarding this recurring feature or the site, feel free to email me or hit me up on Twitter.