Mass Effect Andromeda’s Latest Patch Fixes More Animation, Cutscene Issues

Five months after the launch of Mass Effect Andromeda, BioWare is still trying to fix the game’s facial animations. And in the game’s latest patch, 1.09, several adjustments to the game’s camera angles, lighting, and mouth animations for several of its cutscenes have been made.

YouTuber YongYea has been keeping track of the fixes and changes each of the game’s patches have brought and he does the same with Patch 1.09 although he only covers a portion of the game and doesn’t cover every cutscene in the game.

It’s admirable that BioWare Montreal is still trying to fix the problems of Andromeda along with adding even more content (new characters for multiplayer) even if the team has since been downsized and the series has been put on hold.

[Source: YongYea (YouTube) via Eurogamer]