Call of Duty WWII Zombies Trailer Leaked, Looks Like Nazi Zombies Are Back!

Update: Sledgehammer Games has posted a response to the leak on Twitter. The official zombies reveal is expected to be shown during Comic-Con, which begins on July 20th.

It appears that a Call of Duty: WWII zombies trailer has leaked. You can view it above. (Following any takedowns, we’ll continue to update this post with re-uploads.)

The two-minute tease was leaked by Twitter user @ww2zombieleaks. However, that account now seems to have been shutdown.

In the trailer, we hear the voice of Edward Richtofen, as we’re presented with zombies shuffling through a variety of dark environments. Who we assume are the heroes can be seen armed with guns. It appears that Sledgehammer Games won’t be straying too far from the traditional zombies experience, which could please the more hardcore fans, but may disappoint those hoping for a refresh.

The zombie segment of the game looks to be called “Army of the Dead.”

Thanks for the tip, Leon!

[Source: @WWIIZombiesLeaks via]


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