Mobile Game Revenue Could Top Console Games and MMOs/MOBAs in 5 Years’ Time, Says Report

A new report by Digi-Capital states that global mobile game revenue can exceed revenue generated from console games and MMOs/MOBAs within the next five years.

The firm notes that revenue growth from both console games and MMOs/MOBAs has slowed down and that each category could individually raise $30 billion in revenue during the aforementioned time frame. Mobile game revenue, in contrast, is expected to reach over $80 billion by 2021 (gross apps revenue across iOS, Google Play, and Chinese app stores).

Digi-Capital writes:

This could make mobile games bigger than console games and MMO/MOBA games combined by then. The remaining big sectors of PC hardware and console hardware are broadly ex-growth (although Nintendo Switch has given console hardware a big bump this year and might help longer term), but could still drive well over $30 billion combined revenue by 2021.

Overall, games software and hardware combined are on track to deliver $150 billion revenue for the first time ever in 2017. By 2021, this figure could reach $200 billion.

Elsewhere, we’ve learned that Asia Pacific leads the global games market followed by North America and Western Europe.

For the full report, head over here.